Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Project is Complete!

After 7 months of knitting and organizing, our Oddball Preemie Blankets are all complete!

Right now, I have 16 little blankets, ready to go to charity :D

Cherry Blossoms Complete Racecar Alley Complete Cloud Nine Complete Angel Kisses with Border Citrus Punch Complete Beach Party Complete Nursery Rhymes Complete Ocean Blues Complete Lavender's Green Complete Sunny Meadow Complete 2 Lavender's Blue Complete 3 Forest Greens Complete Spring Fling Complete! Bubble Gum Blanket with Border Easter Bonnet Complete Pink Princess Complete


Renna said...

They are all so precious. I'm proud to have been a participant, abeit on a small scale. :-)

Shandeh said...

Thanks for your help, Renna!