Friday, April 18, 2008

Completed Blankets!

"Sunny Meadow"
Handknit by Shandeh, Spikey, MAmaDawn, Secksiebrat, kayrun, and bethany
Sunny Meadow Complete 2

"Lavender's Blue"
Handknit by Howdovely, traceleighj, HollyP, Constance123, Spikey, and gmmarton
Lavender's Blue Complete 3

"Forest Greens"
Handknit by Shandeh, Spikey, gmmarton, auburnchick, traceleighj, and KnittinMitchie
Forest Greens Complete

"Spring Fling"
Handknit by Secksiebrat, gmmarton, Shandeh, and suziehomemaker
Spring Fling Complete!

"Angel Kisses"
Handknit by Doodknitwit, Rennagayle, gmmarton, losnana, and Shandeh
Angel Kisses after Shandeh

One of our knitters (pinnut3200) was impatient, waiting to work on another blanket, so she made an entire blanket on her own!
"Bubble Gum"
Handknit by pinnut3200, with a crochet border by jhelanee
Bubble Gum Blanket with Border

"Easter Bonnet"
Handknit by stagebear, losnana, jhelanee, gmmarton, and lucky_alf2
Easter Bonnet Complete

"Pink Princess"
Handknit by gmmarton, auburnchick, and Constance123
Pink Princess Complete