Friday, July 3, 2009

Another New Preemie Blanket

This past week, I received another beautiful preemie blanket for the hospital. I just need to knit the last section and add a crochet border. It's called the "Creamy" Preemie Blanket. Lovely.

The kind knitters in the Southwest Oddball Baby Blanket group did all the knitting so far.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Woo Hoo! Our Blankets Have Been DELIVERED!

This morning, I got all our little blankets together, and hand-delivered them to the Carolinas Medical Center, Union in Monroe, North Carolina.

The nurses in the NICU area were SO excited about getting the blankets!
Blankets Being Presented

They passed the blankets around, saying "Oh! Look at this one!", or "Isn't that BEAUTIFUL?!"
Nurses Happy with Blankets

One of the nurses looked at me, and said, "I want to learn to KNIT!" :)
This Nurse Wants to Learn to Knit

I told them the story of how our blankets were made, and one nurse was saying, "I keep getting goosebumps! It's such a neat story!"

I asked if they would mind posing with me to get a photo of the blankets being presented, and they were all for it.
Shandeh with Nurses

The neatest part was being able to see the little babies in the room behind us. They were all sleeping peacefully. Amazing, with all the "Ooohs" and "Aaaahs" by the nurses over the blankets. (tee-hee)

Our project is now complete, and there are a lot of little babies that will enjoy our work. Thank you all!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Finally Getting Our Blankets Donated

I've been WAY too busy lately, knitting for charity. So, the little preemie baby blankets have been patiently waiting to go to charity.

The other night, I got them all together, and washed them with laundry detergent for sensitive skin. It has no dyes or fragrance added. I also used a bit of fabric softener that is made for babies.

Now, they are all fresh and clean, and ready to be donated. Now, I am making a notebook, with photos of all the blankets, and names of the knitters that made them. This can go with the blankets as a permanent record of our donation. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Project is Complete!

After 7 months of knitting and organizing, our Oddball Preemie Blankets are all complete!

Right now, I have 16 little blankets, ready to go to charity :D

Cherry Blossoms Complete Racecar Alley Complete Cloud Nine Complete Angel Kisses with Border Citrus Punch Complete Beach Party Complete Nursery Rhymes Complete Ocean Blues Complete Lavender's Green Complete Sunny Meadow Complete 2 Lavender's Blue Complete 3 Forest Greens Complete Spring Fling Complete! Bubble Gum Blanket with Border Easter Bonnet Complete Pink Princess Complete

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Updated Blog!

Alert the media! I actually had time to post new photos tonight!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Completed Blankets!

"Sunny Meadow"
Handknit by Shandeh, Spikey, MAmaDawn, Secksiebrat, kayrun, and bethany
Sunny Meadow Complete 2

"Lavender's Blue"
Handknit by Howdovely, traceleighj, HollyP, Constance123, Spikey, and gmmarton
Lavender's Blue Complete 3

"Forest Greens"
Handknit by Shandeh, Spikey, gmmarton, auburnchick, traceleighj, and KnittinMitchie
Forest Greens Complete

"Spring Fling"
Handknit by Secksiebrat, gmmarton, Shandeh, and suziehomemaker
Spring Fling Complete!

"Angel Kisses"
Handknit by Doodknitwit, Rennagayle, gmmarton, losnana, and Shandeh
Angel Kisses after Shandeh

One of our knitters (pinnut3200) was impatient, waiting to work on another blanket, so she made an entire blanket on her own!
"Bubble Gum"
Handknit by pinnut3200, with a crochet border by jhelanee
Bubble Gum Blanket with Border

"Easter Bonnet"
Handknit by stagebear, losnana, jhelanee, gmmarton, and lucky_alf2
Easter Bonnet Complete

"Pink Princess"
Handknit by gmmarton, auburnchick, and Constance123
Pink Princess Complete

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Preemie Blankets & Lists of Knitters

Here are all the Oddball Preemie Blankets that are being worked on right now:

Citrus Punch Citrus Punch after auburnchick
Shandeh - complete
kellyh57 - complete
Doodknitwit - complete
auburnchick - complete
Shandeh & Lestrella - working on it now

Cherry Blossoms Cherry Blossoms after misha
Shandeh - complete
traceleighj - complete
misha rf - complete
suziehomemaker - complete
Constance123 - complete
Shandeh - working on it now!

Racecar Alley Racecar Alley
Shandeh - complete
stagebear - complete
wickedphantm - complete
auburnchick - complete
Doodknitwit - complete
Shandeh - adding border

Ocean Blues Ocean Blues after kellyh57
auburnchick - complete
misha rf - complete
kellyh57 - complete
figaro - complete
jhelanee - working on it now & adding crochet border

Cloud Nine Cloud Nine after 5 Knitters
kellyh57 - complete
Secksiebrat - complete
gmmarton - complete
stagebear - complete
Spikey - complete
Shandeh - adding border now

Summer Blossoms Summer Blossoms after Moxiemade
pinnut3200 - complete
knitttina - complete
AuntieMame (Ravelry) - complete
Moxiemade - complete
my2monkeys (Ravelry) - ready to add her knitting

Nursery Rhymes Nursery Rhymes almost complete
gmmarton - complete
jjminarcik - complete
Doodknitwit - complete
Constance123 - complete
Cynamar - complete
Shandeh - adding border now

Lavender's Green Lavender's Green after kellybigeyes
Constance123 - complete
Moxiemade - complete
pinnut3200 - complete
kellybigeyes - complete
MAmaDawn - working on it now & adding crochet border

Cotton Candy Cotton Candy Beginning
pinnut3200 - complete
Constance123 - complete
Karne (Ravelry) - complete
kayrun - complete
nostash2big (rav) - complete
stagebear - ready to add border

Beach Party Beach Party after Moxiemade
Cynamar - complete
auburnchick - complete
Constance123 - complete
Moxiemade - complete
MAmaDawn - knitting her section

Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams Beginning
MAmaDawn - complete
losnana - complete
nostash2big (Ravelry) - complete
Karne (Ravelry) - complete
Doodknitwit - complete
stagebear - adding crochet border

Salt Water Taffy Salt Water Taffy after kellybigeyes
lucky_alf2 - complete
Spikey - complete
pinnut3200 - complete
kellybigeyes - complete
stagebear - working on it now